Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Hug A Sheep Day!

And our first submitted picture makes it INTERnational Hug A Sheep Day!

This is Jenny Glen and Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl from Alta-Pete Stockdogs in Alberta, Canada.

We hope everyone has a great day! Let us know who (or what, for all the yarn huggers ;-) you got to hug and if you post a picture, leave a link in the comments for everyone to go see.

And remember - everyday is a good day to hug a sheep :-D.


  1. Nice photo!! and the sheep seems to be hugging you, too!

  2. We had a great sheep hugging/halloween party combo here in the northwoods!Check it out here:

  3. First, LOVE the photo & sheep from Alberta !

    Second, I was sick in bed so I have to postpone my hug & photo, but in a way, my sheep were hugging me because the comforter made out of their wool was wrapped tightly around me.

    Third, I can't wait to check out the hugging Halloween party combo mentioned above.

    Take care everyone,

  4. Cute! What kind of sheep is that?

  5. Nice photo.
    it's so cute