Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kentucky Hugs

Wrestling Maisie down to give her a hug.  She's a bit wild because she only lived in our kitchen for ALMOST THREE MONTHS ;-).  

There are more Kentucky pictures on the Punkin's Patch blog.

More Sheep Hugs

Jenny - Alberta

Kristi - Vancouver

Jamie - South Dakota

And the winner!  The South Dakota kids :-D  How cute is this?!?

Hugs From Doodle

From Scotland - Good thing every day is a good day to hug a sheep ;-).

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hugs From Anise And Tansy

And Aprilamb in Canada :-D

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I'll keep posting pictures as they come in and there are also pictures on the Facebook Page or linked through the Facebook Page or something.  Technology... ;-).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are You Ready To Hug A Sheep?

While every day is a good day to hug a sheep, this year the "official" day is October 25th.  Join in!

I'll run a updated list here in this post and probably maybe one on the new Facebook page as well...if I can figure that out :-o.  In the meantime, leave a comment on this post and I'll add your name to the list.  Include a link if you'd like, especially if it's open to the public.  This would be great for yarn shops as well!

Closer to the day I'll post directions to submit your pictures :-).  In the meantime, please forward/share the information so we can reach as many folks (and sheeps ;-) as possible!

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2014 Participants

Equinox Farm, Cynthiana, Kentucky

Doodle's Place, Fearn, Highlands, Scotland

The Back Story

The logo sheep is Ewen McTeagle, one of the most huggable sheeps ever :-).

Hug a Sheep Day was created to celebrate wonderful sheep from all over.  I picked the original date, October 30th, because that was Punkin's birthday.  It conveniently fell on a Saturday that year, so we now float the holiday to always match the last Saturday in October.  This seems best so as to accommodate special plans to celebrate including open farm days, events at local yarn shops, festivals...  But really, EVERY DAY is a great day to Hug a Sheep :-). 

There is a dedicated website for Hug a Sheep Day.  And now a Facebook page as well.  There everyone can feel free to list their own special events, large ("We are having a farm party!  Everyone's invited!") or small ("I don't have a sheep, but I'm going to dig into my stash and hug some yummy wool yarn!")  Check the list.  There may be a fun event close by!

This year Hug a Sheep Day is October 25th.