Saturday, October 14, 2023

2023 Hug A Sheep Day

2023 marks the 13th anniversary of Hug a Sheep Day.  It was made an official holiday in 2015 and has appeared now on at least two national/international paper calendars!  I just can't get over that :-).

October 28, 2023, via TF Publishing

Hug a Sheep Day was created to celebrate wonderful sheep all over the world.  I picked the original date, October 30th, because that was Punkin's birthday.  It conveniently fell on a Saturday that year, so we now float the holiday to always match the last Saturday in October.  This seems best so as to accommodate special plans to celebrate including open farm days, events at local yarn shops, festivals...  But really, EVERY DAY is a great day to Hug a Sheep :-).

Feel free to list your events, large ("We are having a farm party!  Everyone's invited!") or small ("I don't have a sheep, but I'm going to dig into my stash and hug some yummy wool yarn!") here or now on our Facebook page as well.  Check the list.  There may be a fun event close by!

And just because October 28th is extra special this year, remember EVERY DAY IS A GREAT DAY TO HUG A SHEEP :-).