Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hug A Sheep Day

We're going to keep this really simple this year and just have some fun. That's what sheep are all about anyway, right?

HASD is for everyone to enjoy. You do not have to have your own sheep, even know anyone who has sheep. If you'd like to be listed as a participant (individual or group), leave your name (and a link if you'd like) in the comments and I'll start a running list. If you (farm, LYS, guild group...) are planning something special and open to the public, drop me an email and we'll try to feature you somehow.

Here's a web button (you'll have to link it manually and if someone can tell me how to eliminate the background...). If there's enough interest, I could probably be talked into making some t-shirts...

Spread the word!

2010 Hug A Sheep Participants - I'll keep adding everyone as quickly as I can, so if you don't see your name somewhat promptly, let me know!


  1. eeeeek! When I didn't hear any more about it, I thought maybe you had decided you were too busy to do this. I committed go to a rabbit show in Shepherdsville. Just to schmooz, not show. I could just spend a while then do the HASD too!?! Count me in! Wren Cottage, if you please.

  2. I am also having my HAS Open Hose in the Bluff Country of SE Minnesota! I'll be on the local noon new program tomorrow (Friday, 10/22) promoting the open house and HASD.

    It's too bad we were both too busy to do much with it this year but I suspect that by next year this thing could be HUGE...



  3. I'm ready to do some serious sheep hugging.

  4. We'd like to participate in HASD, although here at Periwinkle we hug our sheep everyday !!
    Thank you for starting this great initiative.

  5. I am so happy I have two adorable sheep to hug this year. They are going to get extra hugs on the 30th.

  6. Somehow my first comment didn't I'll try again. I'm excited about you're initiative. Hug A Sheep Day can't come soon enough. My two girls like back & 'foot' masssages but I'm sure they'll enjoy a hug too. Maybe we could expand it to International HASD or World Wide HASD since we're up in Canada and I know someone in Belgium who would be very fond of this.

    Tansy & Anise can be seen on under people "aprilamb"

    Thanks for starting such a fantastic, fun day !

  7. Hey I held a Shetland lamb in my lap once and hugged him. Have a pic somewhere. Yes I want to participate.Also borrowed your button and will place on my blog. T Shirts sound great!!

  8. Wow. Hug a Sheep Day - what a great idea! would love a T-shirt! count me in, but I have jacobs and sometimes all those horns hit you in the face, so I've gotta be careful! deb clemens

  9. Put me on the list...I will have to start right at sun up to get to all the girls, I certainly can't leave any out! Hugs of fluff to you!


  10. Please add me to the list. I've raised sheep for over 15 years now. I always hug my sheep!

    Breeze Hill Farm

  11. There are a lot more people out there that hug sheep than I imagined!!! I'm not alone!!!!!
    I'll be at a dog trial this weekend so I can't hug a sheep until after my runs! However, I have spread the word on facebook. And I would be a participant if I were going to be home.
    Our Ewenique Farm

  12. I love this!! I have two sheep and a whole petting zoo!!! I'll be at events all day on Saturday and will make sure everyone knows it's National Hug a Sheep Day!! Awesome!!!! Thank you!

    Deb Robinson
    The Teeny Tiny Farm

    Follow me on facebook too!

  13. I'm in Alaska and have a flock of registered Suffolk. You can be sure I will be hugging them on Hug a Sheep Day.

    Thanks to my vet Sandi Farris for pointing me in this direction.

    List me as Rock Ridge Suffolks. Thanks!

  14. I'll have my stay at home crew hug my sheep while I'm at a herding trial, then we've been promised we can hug at the trial. That way nobody will feel left out!

    Golem Kennels Working Shelties

  15. Please add me to your list, we have lots of sheep to hug!

  16. Thank you! An excuse to go out and hug my sheep! :D

  17. I don't have any real sheep of my own, but I can hug a stuffed sheep or two on Saturday!

  18. I'll certainly be hugging a few sheep here at Fairlight!

  19. Here's our contribution for National Hug a Sheep Day! Flowerweaver & Finley

  20. My name isn't on the list, and I hugged my stuffed sheep. Does that count?